Let’s Start at The Beginning – The Proposal – Vegan MoFo 2013

Happy Labour Day and Happy Vegan Mofo! I just want to give a shout out to the people heading over to demonstrate at Marineland today. I can’t be there, but I support you 100%. Thank you to Marineland Animal Defense for their important work on this. Now, on with the Vegan MoFoing.   This story is probably more for me than for you. Imagine I’m 90, and sitting by the solar electric fireplace, maybe a nuclear fission tube, or some futuristic equivalent. I’m wearing a sweater that I knit out of rescued space cat hair or something, and I want to tell you a story of how I your great great great grandfather proposed to me. Back when there weren’t any self-driving cars or holographic skype calls. A Cat is President of the Internet. You get the idea. Note: If you want to escape the sappy lovey engagement story bits, and look at vegan food porn, there are some lots of photos at the bottom of this post from our delicious engagement dinner at Candle 79. So on with the story. JC and I have been engaged since December 2011. We met at the beginning of the year, though the internet (where I find everything I love), and during that year fell madly in love, in as much as logical robot computer people can fall in love (but apparently it’s a lot since both of us have secretly mushy squishy romantic insides.) He very innocently asked me the month beforeā€¦

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