Philly – Vedge Restaurant – One word review: Amazing.

I wasn’t sure we’d manage to visit Vedge Restaurant on this trip. JC was busy doing gaming stuff, and it was not an experience I’d want to have without him.  But luckily, he finished with enough time to spare, and while we couldn’t make a reservation, we managed to snag Vedge’s walk-in table. From the […]

Philadelphia Trip – In the Beginning – Govinda’s and Sweet Freedom

We arrived in Philadelphia bright and early on Saturday morning, taking the overnight bus from Toronto starting at 7pm. After successfully navigating the transit system to our hotel downtown, checking in, and showering – JC still made it to his card game nerd festival (okay it was the Magic Grand Prix, and I think he […]

Vegan MoFo on the Road – Coming home post Sandy.

We’re finally home, albeit a few days later than planned due to Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. We arrived in Philadelphia on Saturday morning after a night on the bus. Sleeplessness and trying to navigate an unfamiliar transit system made for an interesting time, but we found our way to our hotel, and JC made it to his […]