Let My People Eat – Passover Supper Club at The Depanneur

JC and I started going to The Depanneur sometime in early 2012, and have been enjoying it ever since. One of my favourite parts of The Dep are Emily Zimmerman’s Wednesday Veg Out Nights and every time she does a supper club evening – especially when it is drawing upon Jewish culinary traditions (such as during […]

SUPPER CLUB: Vegan Passover Seder by Emily Zimmerman

Passover is one of the major family celebrations in Jewish culture, replete with generations of culinary tradition. The holiday meal, or seder (a Yiddish word meaning ‘order’ or ‘arrangement’), is combination of food, tradition and ritual that celebrates Jewish identity and the escape from Egyptian slavery over 3300 years ago. Like Jewish culture itself, the […]

Vegan Pre-Passover Supper Club from Emily Zimmerman

Chag Sameach to those who are observing Passover this week. Yesterday was the first night of Passover, and we celebrated at JC’s childhood home with family and friends. There was lots of reading (though not by me), and lots and lots of delicious food. Passover retells the story of the Jewish people’s escape from slavery from […]

SUPPER CLUB: Vegan Passover Seder by Emily Zimmerman

From the event Page: http://thedepanneur.ca/event/vegan-passover-seder-by-emily-zimmerman/ If you’ve never been to a Seder, or you’ve been to too many boring ones, then Emily Zimmerman’s fresh, creative and vegan spin on classic Jewish holiday dishes is for you. The tradition of inviting strangers to Seder has its roots in the Jewish communities of what is now Eastern Europe. […]