A slow and lazy afternoon in San Francisco – Herbivore for Brunch, Presidio & the Golden Gate Bridge

Am I still writing about our December visit to San Francisco and Las Vegas? Yes. Yes I am. There is something about the day before the day you are planning on leaving somewhere. There is that urge to fit in the sightseeing and eating, with the desire to just take it easy and enjoy your vacation. At least there is for me. Maybe it’s because both of us have been to San Francisco before, and done a lot of the tourist stuff, but we decided to take it easy with a¬†languid walk to Herbivore for brunch, followed by a maybe walk over to the Golden Gate Bridge. I noticed the great mural work and street art on previous visits, but as we walked down Geary Street we got to enjoy some interesting tile work and faces, and walked up and down the rolling hills that San Francisco has to offer.

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