Saskatoon to Edmonton to Saskatoon in 48 hrs.

Surprise I’m in Edmonton. No, wait. I’m not.

sunset outside of The Battlefords (taken with cellphone)

I woke up this morning and it took me a moment to realize I was back in Saskatoon. The road to Edmonton was beautiful. It turns out 7pm is a perfect time to see the beauty of Saskatchewan, after the horrible weather of last week it was so promising to see the snow melting AGAIN. Now we are having rain storms, and I’m loving it.
A few months ago my mom decided that my vegan diet made a lot of sense from a health stand point. And she’s still going strong, which is awesome. I hadn’t been home since she decided to make this change, so I was looking forward to trying some home cooked vegan meals. No matter where I go to eat, it never compares to the food my mom can make (since it’s cooked with an extra spoonful of love.) I’m also going to take credit for her dietary change (which has also effected the way my dad eats) though I guess the PCRM and Neil Barnard have had a lot to do with it too.

couscous salad

She made a couscous salad that was fantastic. I should probably get the recipe from her, but to be honest I’d rather she just made it for me. Hee hee. And a very tasty tofu dish. I was thrilled to be home in Edmonton for a day or two.


Today was the Saskatoon Raw Food potluck, and it was great to meet everyone and enjoy the food. Someone brought a lemon cheesecake (made with cashews and dates) which was AMAZING. I whipped up a pad thai salad in about two hours after work (including grocery shopping by bus), but it turned out quite well, and people seemed to like it so I’m happy.

pad thai salad with cashews and zucchini