Royal Ontario Museum, Fresh on Bloor and Sneaky Dee’s

the ROM

I went to the Royal Ontario Museum on Tuesday, a wonderfully huge museum which at the moment holds a special exhibit with Terracotta Warriors from China. I spent around three hours lost in the history, snapping photos here and there. The Museum has a special deal for students on Tuesday’s; free admission to the regular collection with student ID (the special exhibit was only 7$ more).

Totem Art from Africa

All that wandering got me hungry and I went down to the Museums cafe, there was a tofu wrap but otherwise they had minimal vegan options, so I went upstairs to C5 (their very beautiful restaurant.) Much like the Cafe, there were limited/no vegan options, but there was one item that had some potential of being veganizable (though it was made with a butter sauce, so who knows how well that would go over). I didn’t bother staying. But it was nice up there.

I started out by searching for “vegetarian restaraunts near Royal Ontario Museum” but didn’t find anything useful. So I walked down Bloor Street and saw Fresh. The name sounded familiar and I looked it up. Fresh is a primarily vegan restaurant, with dairy options and some honey/bee pollen products on the side if you’re into that sort of thing. They have three locations (so far) and have a great selection of smoothies and juices as well as some interesting menu items. I went to the one at 326 Bloor Street West (so Bloor Street at Spadina)


I went with the Quinoa Onion Rings as an appetizer, because the idea of quinoa being involved in a deep fried onion ring was novel enough, and I’m basically just a sucker for anything involving quinoa a the moment. These were genuinely delicious. Crispy, salty and did not taste good for me at all (since they probably weren’t.) My only regret is that I didn’t order a dipping sauce of some sort. Ketchup just wasn’t enough.

Qunioa Breaded Onion Rings

A friend had recommended the Dragon Bowl, so I ordered it against my better judgement, and I was right. I didn’t like it. I’m sure other people do, because I saw a whole bunch of bowls on the tables, I just found it really bland and boring. Even hot sauce didn’t save it. At least it looked nice. Some of the burgers on the menu looked quite appealing, if I go back to Fresh before I leave Toronto (if I leave Toronto) that’ll be my next choice.

Dragon Bowl

I also ordered a chocolate vanilla cream filled cupcake, it wasn’t what I had my eye on, but it was decent. I imagine that’s what a Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcake tastes like. I’ve never had one, but it seemed about right.

Cupcake from Fresh on Bloor

Later that evening I went to Sneaky Dee’s (431 College Street, so on the corner of College Street and Bathurst St,) for some giant portions of nachos. They have a vegan nacho plate, which consists of a huge portion of tortilla chips covered in fresh veggies, salsa, guacamole. I ended up with much more food than I needed. Sneaky Dee’s is such a weird combination of sports bar, punk bar, and it looks like a total dive. But it’t one of my favourite places to visit, and I’m always amazed at how good the food is (albeit simple food.) Next time I think I’ll just keep it simple with a helping of pico de gallo and corn tortilla chips.

Vegan Nacho Plate

They also have vegan cupcakes! That are actually pretty good, they are on the dense side, this time there was a carrot cake one with a great icing on it. My favourite one in the past was the chocolate, it tasted very much like a McCain deep and delicious cake (in a good way).

Cupcake from Sneaky Dee's