New ones from Remedy and a visit to Oriental Veggie House

Chocolate Banana Cheesecake from Remedy

It’s been hard to go out and eat lately with my work schedule and other commitments, but finally, yesterday I visited Remedy. New (to me) flavours of cheesecake: chocolate banana (no peanut butter) and lemon raspberry. When they brought us the slices, I thought, whoa, the chocolate banana is going to be so delicious, and didn’t give enough credit to the lemon raspberry.

Lemon Raspberry Cheesecake from Remedy

Looks can be deceiving. I’m not going to say I disliked the chocolate banana, because that wouldn’t be true, only that I felt like eating something tart, and the lemon raspberry was perfect to pacify that.

We had a beautiful day out in Edmonton, and then as evening hit, thundershowers. Sitting at the second floor of Remedy, looking out the window towards the downtown core was a great vantage point to watch the storm and enjoy good food. I love summers in Edmonton.

Last week S and I went to Oriental Veggie House. It’s probably been a year since I went there, and I think that was my last time. I hate speaking ill of a vegetarian business that has been around for so many years, because I have a lot of sentimental attachment to the place. But I’m not as into their food as I once was. OVH was my first vegetarian restaurant and where I celebrated the first few birthdays after being vegan. Going there satisfied a nostalgic need, but the food is almost never spectacular, and it’s gotten too expensive to go there solely out of nostalgia.

If you have never tried it, it’s still a place to try, just not a place I want to go repeatedly when there are so many other innovative options available. The lemon duck is one of their best dishes and made with rolled spiced/salted sheets of tofu, but I think the best part of the dish is the lemon sauce. There is something so clean and fresh about it, the wrapped tofu sheets capture the maximum amount of this lemon sauce between the folds.

Lemon Duck

We also had the drumsticks, the spicy eggplant and the celiac nightmare known as the assorted gluten plate. The drumsticks are S’s favourite appetizers so they are good, they have a really meaty texture to them, and normally the dipping sauce is great, but that day it was a bit weird. Padmanadi has similar drumsticks (but they are tastier). The Spicy Eggplant, was not particularly spicy, but the balls of gluten were pretty tasty especially since they absorbed the sauce so well. And for the dish that I love to hate, the assorted gluten. It’s got a great flavour and a unique texture, but I always feel less than stellar after eating it.

Veggie Drumsticks Spicy Eggplant Wheat Gluten
I’m looking forward to visiting a few farmers markets this weekend, St.Albert (on Saturday) and the Callingwood (on Sunday) are on my agenda