Live Organic Food Bar – Rawvioli, Tempeh Crab Cakes, and Raw Sushi.

I had planned on going to Nazareth (the Ethiopian restaurant, which is about four minutes away from the Ossington Subway station) last night, but it was closed! At least I wasn’t the only one that walked up, saw the sign and frowned. Two women dressed in suits walked up… and we shared a moment of… “what now?”

Anyway, we went to Live Organic Food Bar (264 Dupont St, which is directly across the street from Dupont Subway Station) instead and took advantage of the beautiful weather by sitting outside on their patio. Though, sitting outside by candlelight was not conducive to taking good clear photographs. My unsteady hand, combined with poor lighting, did not result in any mouthwatering photos. So sorry, I don’t even want to post them, I’ll have to (conveniently) have a do over!

The server was super helpful and friendly and went through the menu telling me all of the things he thought were unique and delicious (because I like asking that stupid and difficult question… “Tell me what is amazing here…”)

However, I loved the raw sushi, though as an alternate appetizer we were both seriously tempted by the raw poutine (made with jicama, that delightful multi-functional sweet root vegetable.) Maybe next time. The raw sushi was made with a pecan and sunflower seed pate, with carrots, sweet potato wrapped up in nori sheets with a sprouts to nibble on tossed on top. The salty sweet tamari miso glaze was totally perfect as a pairing. We both wished there was more of that sauce, but honestly there was a perfect amount on the plate.

We shared two dishes, one raw and one cooked. The tempeh crabcakes, which my dining companion recommended, and the special (which was the rawvioli, which was recommended in the latest issue of VegNews I picked up at the Food Fair.)

I’m usually not a fan of tempeh, there is something about the texture just doesn’t work for me, but I’ve been trying to keep an open mind. As usual, I’m glad I kept an open mind, because those tempeh cakes were so good. Not only were the cakes good, but so was the bed of sauteed veggies and brown rice they were on. The sweet potato puree was great as a dip and on its own

The rawvioli were made with thinly sliced jicama and a (I think) cashew fakericotta filling. The rawvioli plate came with some sort of mystery fruity sauce we couldn’t figure out, and weren’t very enthusiastic about. But in one of the corners of the plate there was this delicious, unassuming and lightly spiced caramelized onion… salad(?) my dining companion and I kept stealing bites before the other person could eat all of it.

I wish I wish I wish we sat inside if only to be able to see the food we were eating. Because even in the darkness it was apparent that there was a beautiful thoughtful presentation.

Uncharacteristically, I did not order dessert. After everything we had, even my dessert stomach was full. Though everyone tells me that I’d better go back and try any of their raw sweet creations because they are twice as amazing as the entrees.  If that’s not a great sell, I don’t know what is.