It’s good to have friends.


My awesome amazing friends invited me over for dinner and made this delicious Seitan Piccata from Veganomicon. I’ve made no secret of my crazy love of olives, so having a dish with seitan, mashed potatoes covered with a tart delicious wine sauce, capers and olives was total heaven.

The thing I realized after I ate this amazing meal is that I haven’t put any effort into preparing any food since I got here in Toronto. It’s been a combination of peanut butter, noodles, jam, fruit and really basic crappy things. The best meals I eat are outside of the house. Right now I’m a lazy verging on nutritionally deficient vegan, and it’s time to change that.

Yes I’ll get on that, right after I check out a couple of more restaurants… (or maybe I need more friends to cook me dinner… hint hint)