FoodShare DWS FoodBox recipes 08/03

Here I am again, excitedly planning out some meals from our recently arrived Dismantling White Supremacy box. It helps me a lot to have a few ideas of what to do with our veggies, and last week’s missed box totally reduced our green vegetable consumption significantly, so I’m very excited about our box today. I like that all the produce is grown nearby, and that it often inspires me to try new recipes I might not have otherwise tried.

Here’s what we got this week*:

*some of these could probably be identified a bit more precisely, but I’m not very good at my tomato variety identification!

  • heirloom tomatoes
  • cherry tomatoes
  • shishito peppers
  • chard
  • perilla leaves
  • pole beans
  • Tokyo bekana
  • field cucumber
  • zucchini
  • spring onions
this is a close up image of a stack of perilla

It’s a similar box to what was on offer last week BUT I didn’t actually get any of these things because I ordered the box incorrectly. I’m glad to get a chance to try perilla leaves, because I was very excited to try these Korean Mushroom lettuce wraps from Christie at Home, I’ve ordered some ssamjang from an online store called Haisue, based in the GTA, but you can get it at pretty much any Asian grocery store, or make your own!

this is a close up image of Tokyo bekana

I’ve had my eye on these Tokyo Bekana Spring Rolls from Wozupi Tribal Gardens as well. Like I mentioned last week, Tokyo bekana can be used in a variety of ways, and similar to napa cabbage, bok choy, or pak choy and can be used in stir fries and as a tender salad green. I’m tempted to try it in the salad rolls mentioned above, wrapped with the bekana, but this salad with tahini and currents from Granor farm in Michigan looks like a great option as well.

One of the things I have been hoping to make again with some fresh green onions are Green Onion Cakes, following the simple but perfect recipe from Siu To in Edmonton, who has since started a restaurant devoted to green onion cakes. But there is also this Chinese inspired green onion spaghetti recipe from the always wonderful Mary’s Test Kitchen that calls to me. Part of me wants to make it with a mix of regular pasta and zucchini noodles, but then for the zucchini there is this magically simple zucchini noodle dish with roasted zucchini and a creamy bean sauce from the Korean Vegan.

the usual shishito preparation

I have ways I like of preparing vegetables, and without some extra effort or research to find alternatives, I’ll just keep doing the same way I’ve always done it. Like with shishito peppers, I’m not sure what I’d do that wasn’t just simply frying them in a bit of oil and salt until they’re blistered, but this addition of a spicy miso sauce from Vegan Miam is just the extra angle I was looking.

Putting the chard greens in the Efo Riro was a successful and delicious addition, but someone mentioned a ribolitta to me and I have become fixated on the idea of making some at home, and this Cozy and Comforting Ribollita from yumsome is a hearty soup that looks perfect for some of next week’s rainy days.

I can see the future and the heirloom tomatoes are going to be chopping up into a salad with the cucumber, some onion, and some herbs. Maybe wit a tofu feta, like this recipe from Cadry’s Kitchen, or maybe a classic panzanella salad to go along with my ribollita. After the panzanella from Gia last month, I’ve been looking forward to having it again soon. I was lucky enough this year to have a pair of ample basil plants, so my Mediterranean dishes have really been shining this summer.

There seems to be a pasta-centric theme going with my menu planning this week, but finally, I’m aiming to do a Simple Vegan Burst Cherry Tomato pasta from The Full Helping. That is, if we manage not to snack on all the tomatoes between now and then. I also love the look of this Pesto Risotto with roasted chickpeas and tomatoes. Roasted cherry tomatoes are some of the most delicious little bites I’ve had the chance to eat.

Hopefully you find some recipes that spark your eye in this collection, I will post a follow up of some of the recipes we ended up trying, and what we thought either on the blog next Thursday, or on Instagram as it happens.

Best wishes as always. Ciao!