First visit to King’s Cafe

I finally went to King’s Cafe (192 Augusta Ave) today after multiple recommendations from other people. I was in the neighbourhood after grabbing a soy latte from Dark Horse Espresso Bar so it made sense to head over to Kensington Market to grab a bite to eat.

The Soy Fritters with Curry Rice from King's Cafe

I had sampled some of their very delicious appetizers at the Vegetarian Food Fair last month, so I was excited to try an entree. Well… I had the Soy Fritters with Curry Rice, and I don’t know if it was just the wrong dish to order or what, but I didn’t think it was very yummy. Fried tofu gluten fritters with carrots, potatos, beans and cauliflower sounded so good! But maybe I need to temper expectations a little next time. The only thing I really enjoyed the flavour of was the potatoes, because they seemed to have taken on the most of the curry flavour, the veggies and soy/gluten stuff weren’t very flavourful. I needed some hot sauce for sure.

At least it was on the Special Order menu so it was only 5.99, some of the other items were 10-13. I think if I do go there again, I’ll try their Hot & Sour soup, because I’m really missing that from Edmonton’s Padmanadi and Oriental Veggie House.