Favourite Vegan Instant Pot Recipes

Hello there, did you just get an instant pot?

Are you wondering what to do with it? I am here for you. Here are 10 of my favourite instant pot recipes.

We have had an instant pot for a few years, and at first, I was totally scared of pressure cookers, but the instant pot made it easy and fun. Having one helped us make food that was deeply satisfying and flavourful with a quarter of the time or effort (or without much of the advanced planning required for using a slowcooker.)

I’m especially keen on the more soupy/stew-y type meals, but you’re not limited to that with the instant pot or other pressure cookers, there are a wide variety of recipes to choose from.

1. Vegan Richa’s – Lasagna Soup

I could just make a list of all of my favourite Vegan Richa recipes for the instant pot, but that would be silly because I haven’t had one I didn’t like. They’re always amazing, and every single one is full of flavour and with varying levels of ease. You can also check out her own list of 20 Vegan instant pot recipes.

This lasagna soup is something we go back to often. It’s super easy, fast, and doesn’t take much planning or work. It is one of the best things to just throw in the pot, and get on with your evening, but it’s also great for any level of advance meal planning too.

Be vigilant about getting this off pressure when the time is up though – the noodles may not survive it!


2. Kitchen Treaty’s – Simple Chili Recipe

I’ve made this a few times with positive reviews. It’s easy, and straightforward and perfect anytime of the year, but especially during some of the colder months.


3. Cotter Crunch’s Lentil Gumbo

I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy several different bowls of vegan gumbo in New Orleans, and I’m always looking for that hearty thick delicious flavour. I like that this recipe doesn’t need any packaged meat analogues to be tasty, but if you were looking for a sausage to add, the tofurky andouille fits right in.

Favorite Instant Pot Gumbo {Vegetarian}

4. My Food Story’s Chana Masala


5. Hip Pressure Cooking – Perfect Oatmeal

Oatmeal is boring right? Why would you need help with that?

No. Instant pot oatmeal is awesome. You can do steel cut oats in a fraction of the time, you don’t have to babysit the oats at the stove, you can throw them in the instant pot, and just have a shower, or drink coffee and relax with your family. It’s a major time saver for us, and I’m a big fan.

So how do you do oats in the instant pot? Check out Hip Pressure Cooking for more information.

Pressure Cook the PERFECT bowl of oatmeal

6. Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures – Vegan Beef Stew

There is something about this season, but I am obsessed with deep brown delicious beefy stews, and this one does it for me. Hope you love it too.


7. Evolving Table – Instant Pot Potato Corn Chowder

Chowda? Chowder? Chowdair? That’s you choice, but this chowder is great and flavourful, and perfect for a weeknight. I’d also recommend using an immersion blender for a couple of quick pulses to give it a thicker broth vs. the thickener suggestion. I also really like adding some 1/2-1cup of cooked chickpeas to this to add a bit more protein to the mix. Check it out from Evolving Table.

8. JL Fields – New World Székely Goulash

This recipe has a lot of really strong and delicious flavours – it’s on the sour side, and definitely for folks that love sauerkraut. You can find it in JL Fields “Vegan Pressure Cooking” cookbook, or online from her publisher here.

9. Instant Pot Pumpkin Walnut Chili from Pinch of Yum.

Another, but dramatically different chili recipe. Walnuts and Pumpkin isn’t really what you think of when it comes to chili, but this recipe really makes it work – warming and tasty, it’s perfect to spice up wintertime blahs.

Instant Pot Pumpkin Walnut Chili

10. Jill Nussinow’s Red Lentil Sweet Potato Hemp Burgers

While not entirely made in the pressure cooker, this recipe takes things up a notch, with just a few minutes of post instant pot prep and baking.

Red Lentil, Sweet Potato, Hemp Burgers – Vegan Under Pressure

Bonus: make a Cake in the Instant Pot.

I don’t know about you, but the first time I saw someone make a cake in the instant pot, I did a double take. But why not? Give it a try with this great chocolate cake recipe from Quick and Carry Bags!

Vegan Chocolate Cake – Instant Pot

Bonus: Making Coconut Yogurt

Did you know you could make dairy-free yogurt in the instant pot? You can!

The second time we bought an instant pot, I made sure to get the one with the yogurt button – you can set it up for a day or so, and it takes care of the fermentation process for you. Get the recipe and instructions from the Detoxinista.

More info:

For more information about cooking vegan with the instant pot, my favourite judgement-free, anti-food shaming but vegan group is: Plant-Based Instant Pot People on Facebook. Lots of great suggestions, and lots of great advice.

Hope you find this list helpful, and let me know if you try anything!