Farmers Market San Francisco and another visit to Souley Vegan

Since I was missing the Edmonton Farmers Market on Saturday, and had to fill that void so I walked over to the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer’s Market to check it out. It had such a huge variety of mostly organic items, and was full of people (a distinct combination of locals and tourists.)


One cart had at least five different varieties of nectarines, with samples! Everything was super expensive though, even by my usual Edmonton farmers market standards. There are a bunch of other options in the city, and a lot of them are more economical, but not all of them have organic produce.

Of course, my favourite part of the farmers market was actually one of the Ferry Building’s regular features, besides the beautiful view, there is a Pepple’s stand from the vegan donut folks in Oakland. Now, I’ve done the Ronald’s Donuts thing, and I can say they are probably my favourite donuts (tied with Sweetpea in Portland, OR.) But the Pepple’s people have cake donuts down perfectly. While it’s been over a decade since my last Tim Horton’s Donut, I still use them as a barometer of donuty goodness, and Pepple’s is there. It didn’t taste healthy, or “vegan”, but it wasn’t too sweet, and it had a nice texture and moisture balance. Considering this was just a stand, I bet getting them at the Oakland location would be even better. Maybe next time.


Though, I did end up in Oakland again that night, I had to take my last opportunity to eat at Souley Vegan before I leave on Tuesday morning (they are closed on Sunday and Monday.) This time around I knew exactly what I wanted; a crispy sandwich, a side of fried okra, and a slice of sweet potato pie. They were PACKED, but I’ve never felt more patient in my life, waiting is so much easier when you know you’re getting something awesome.

Crispy Sandwich from Souley Vegan

Frankly, I think this photo speaks for itself. And in case it doesn’t, it was delicious. Crispy seasoned tofu, with tartar sauce, veggies and ketchup, so fantastic.