Valentine’s Day 2013 – Taste Valentine – Vegan Style at Canoe

Taste Valentine Canoe

As I mentioned in my TILT last Thursday, I really love Valentine’s Day, and like last year JC set up a nice big thoughtful surprise. He didn’t tell me what he was up to until about 20 minutes before we arrived at the restaurant, just that we’d need to be ready by 5pm, and it was going to be a bit fancy. Surprise – we were off the Bay and Wellington – Canoe, one of the places I had been in contact to potentially host our wedding (but never eaten at.) JC had arranged a vegan tasting menu, because as usual, the standard Valentine’s Day menu was anything but. So there began Taste Valentine’s vegan Style.    

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Portland February 2010

I forgot to mention going to Portland in February, since then I’ve been busy with school and work. Thankfully I have four consecutive days off, and it feels wonderful. It also occurs to me I should update my 101 in 1001 days list at some point, considering September(the end month) isn’t that far off, and I have managed to accomplish many of the goals on my list, as well as accept that some goals had to be modified. T and I went to Portobello for our fake Valentine’s Day (on Feb 17th,) it was wonderful, and delicious as always. We went there last year for fake Valentine’s Day, and every time I’m so impressed with what they come up with. I’m really excited to see what the Chef (Aaron Adams) ends up creating at Vegan Iron Chef (in PDX of course) this summer. I ordered the gnocchi (as usual) and my friend had an enviable portobella mushroom steak. We started out our meal with a french bread and pate. Oddly enough I found myself getting full really quickly. I think it must have had something to do with the massive portion of pate we got. We ended our meal with a delicious sweet pecan tart. I just love that place. Anyway, I had a nice time. I had hoped to check out the SkiBowl at Mt. again one more time, but the snow this year was pretty pathetic up there. Word on the street was we’d just be sliding around on ice.…

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