December in New York – Tien Garden

We’ve been long back from New York city, but since starting a new job, and still having another one, I haven’t had enough time for the fun stuff (which includes this blog.) It was my birthday on Monday so my gift to myself is to write up a series of new blog posts, especially about our trip to New York City. I like making sure I write while I’m on vacation, because afterwards, things get lost in my memories. I forget to write, I lose track of time, and various other excuses but this trip was different in that after the unbelievable (yet entirely believable) events of the first day, I didn’t know what to say. So I’ll start from the beginning and keep going till it’s done. I’m aiming for one post a day for the next few days. Jordan and I got up bright and early on Friday morning, suitcases ready and waiting, excitement in the air. I’ve never flown Porter Airlines, so that was new, and delightfully convenient (it’s right downtown and only short drive from our house.) In case you’re wondering, Porter Air does not have particularly vegan items available in their cute little snack boxes, but I filled up on free almonds and coffee in the airport lounge before we got on the plane. I tried asking them via twitter if they ever had any vegan options but didn’t get a reply. Three hours later we arrived at the Thomson LES Hotel, after a very‚Ķ

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