Vegan Food Swap – Canadian Edition.

We had a good run with the Vegan Food Swap. A couple of great years and a lot of great connections were made.

Unfortunately this food swap is no more. But it’s not good bye, it’s just so long.

I’m tempted to try and organize a local Toronto one at some point in the future, but coordinating nationwide, with the cost of shipping, was getting very hard on people.

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2 thoughts on “Vegan Food Swap – Canadian Edition.

  1. Marissa

    I would love to participate but I am not currently posting on a blog. Can ytou still participate if you write a fb port or write something for your swap partner’s blog?

    1. MeShell Post author

      Hi Marissa,

      As long as you are open to doing a guest post (and your swap pal is also okay with it) – definitely. Feel free to sign up!

      This might change in the future depending on how nonblogger/reader swaps go, but it’s been positive so far!

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