Vegan MoFo – Soupstock, I came, I ate, I ate some more.

A highlight of this weekend for me was Soupstock, an event presented by the Canadian Chefs’ Congress and the David Suzuki Foundation. The whole premise was a celebration of local. Food, chefs, musicians, gathering together to raise awareness about (and support against) the Highlands Mega-Quarry. Some background information about the quarry can be found on The Soupstock Quarry page. With links to the David Suzuki page and there is lots of information to read. But the tl;dr version is that the Highland Companies’ proposed a limestone quarry in Melancthon Township and potentially permanently destroy more than 2300 acres of farmland with great agricultural, cultural, and ecological significance. While that’s bad enough, the project would also require 600 million litres of water… a day…. indefinitely. Read more Anyway, we went to Soupstock on Sunday, and it was one of those great days where the weather was entirely in favour of a large outdoor event. Woodbine Park was full of people, full of vendors, and full of entertainment. Upon walking in to the space with our purple bowls from home, a friendly volunteer handed us a map, and directed us to buy tickets. 10 dollars for 3 bowls.

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