Weekend in Detroit

I’ve needed to get out of town. Somewhere new(ish). Somewhere interesting. But still something close enough to drive to on the weekend. So we decided to visit Detroit last weekend. When we left Toronto it was windy and rainy, as we continued on the highway it got worse and worse. Visibility was low, you could see […]

Minnesota – When Pizza is Exciting.

We arrived in Minneapolis, Minnesota super late at night after driving up from Chicago, via Madison, Wisconsin.  After a frenzied search for a hotel, while parked in the Mall of America parkade (we went to the Arizona level) having a hard time finding wireless signal, we eventually settled in for the night at one of […]

Vegan Pizza in Las Vegas – Pop Up Pizza at the Plaza Hotel & Casino

One of the first new-to-me places we visited on our last visit to Las Vegas was Pop Up Pizza. JC found it looking for vegan pizza options in Las Vegas, and stumbling on this Eating Vegan in Vegas page. It’s inside the Plaza Hotel & Casino. At first it just looks like one of those […]