Local Vegetable Recipes – Thanks Green Earth Organics

For the last couple of months we’ve been getting a local box of fruits and vegetables delivered to our house every second Friday from Green Earth Organics. I was really drawn to them because of their commitment to social responsibility, and especially because they donate some of their revenue to local non-profits. Every week has been a bit of an adventure, because there are some vegetables we’ve received that I either would never have purchased, or hadn’t even been aware of. I opted for the “local” organic box. They have other boxes, non local organic boxes in three different sizes. I wouldn’t mind a bigger local box, but the one we’ve been getting has been good enough so far. This weeks local bin items: Garlic cloves Spartan apples Yellow Potatoes Black radish Cremini Mushrooms Daikon Turnip Living kale Shallots So every week, I try and find or create new and interesting recipes to really utilize our grocery box.

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