Detroit Visit – Day 0.5 – Dinner and a Casino.

We’re back in Toronto again, but had a great time in Detroit and the surrounding area. I wouldn’t mind visiting again sometime. After we had arrived, checked in, and got comfy in our hotel room, I scanned the internet for a suitable eatery – Seva jumped out at me. Seva has two locations, one in […]

December in New York – Tien Garden

We’ve been long back from New York city, but since starting a new job, and still having another one, I haven’t had enough time for the fun stuff (which includes this blog.) It was my birthday on Monday so my gift to myself is to write up a series of new blog posts, especially about […]

Lawrence Kansas – From Ashes to Immortality

On my way to Portland a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit a friend in Lawrence, Kansas. Now, upon hearing Kansas, I may have wrinkled my nose a bit (even though I shouldn’t have… I mean, I’m from the Canadian Prairies, and the first impression people seem to have is the same […]