Tiffin Lunch Time – Tiffinday Vegan Downtown Lunch Delivery

Last week I felt like I could use a midday pick-me-up so I ordered lunch from Tiffinday again. I’ve covered their background a little and there is more information about Tiffinday here. So I come from the point of view of someone that is already a fan.


I’ve been known to forget to eat lunch on a fairly regular basis, but on Tiffinday day, I was watching the clock like a hawk (if hawks watched clocks.) Tick tock the time crept by… but finally lunch arrived and was brought over by Seema (the owner/operator/almost everythinger at Tiffinday.)

I ordered the Kachori as a starter, but ended up eating it last. It is a round ball pastry stuffed with crushed peas, lentils and flavoured with cinnamon and cloves. It arrived with tamarind sauce which greatly enhanced the flavour, but it had a really intense clovey flavour and I realize I’m generally not a big fan of cloves. On the bright side, the texture was really interesting and it was nice to try an East Indian dish I was not familiar with.


My main entree was the curried aviyal with basmati rice. Aviyal is made with plantains cooked with green cluster beans and carrots in a coconut sauce. It was hearty and fragrant and my coworkers were jealous of my lunch – mission accomplished. There is cilantro in this, so if you dislike that delicious herb, skip this dish, otherwise, it’s so yummy you should try it. Also, coconut sauce.


In the end, I had Nani-ma cookies. They were described as a soft, Indian version of Italian biscotti. Accurate. I let each bite of the cookie¬†dissolve¬†on my tongue and was left with this pleasant heat. Cardamom, nutmeg, and pistachio flavours combined, it almost had the texture of a slightly more dense spicy ladyfinger. I didn’t share. Maybe next time.


I’m plotting out which day I can justify ordering from Tiffinday again this month. I’ve limited myself to two days a month, and it’s hard to decide which day I want to actually eat a tasty lunch. With the improvements in the weather, I almost want to bring my own tiffins to work and eat outside, but odds are I will have a Tiffinday outdoor lunchtime picnic before I bring my own.

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