Things I Love Thursday – Local Vegan Toronto Gift Ideas 2013 Edition

For 2014 – please go here. There are lots of general vegan gift idea lists out there, so please do check them out (I’ll link to some of them at the bottom of this post), but it’s worth looking locally to tap into the great community of creators and crafters, bakers, makers, and ingenuous entrepreneurs […]

Millions of Peaches, Millions for Me, Millions of Peaches, I picked them for free.

This weekend started out in an awesome fashion. JC and I went with a crew of folks from the West End Food Coop, and drove to Two Century Farm, and picked beautiful peaches for use in the Community Supported Orchard (CSO) program (that I am part of). You can join in on the next season […]

Things I Love Thursday – WEFC community supported Orchards, Green is the New Red, Vegan English Toffee

Some weeks, writing a TILT is a trial. Some weeks, I don’t know what to say. The basic “things” I love area always pretty static – JC, Emmie, Kes, Earl Grey Tea. These things are probably not all on the same plane, but they are constant sources of joy in varying degrees. We’re in the middle […]

Things I love Thursday – Co-ops. SNL Veganville. Pomdeter. Artisinal vegan cheese.

You know those times when you have a great idea as you’re falling asleep and think – whoa, I should really write this down so I don’t forget it… but then you wake up the next morning not having written it down, remembering only that you had a great idea, but not the idea itself? […]

Kind Organics Mystical Mint Chocolate Bar – Toronto – Get it at West End Food Co-op.

Recently on a trip to the West-End Food Co-op, there were two different kinds of Kind Green Organic’s Chocolate Bars conveniently located right at the check out. And it was a happy impulse buy, I’ll admit to it completely. I have seen Kind Organics selling salad blends, spouts, herbs and other greens at Farmers’ Markets around the […]

Farmers’ Markets in Toronto – Sorauren

I’m getting increasingly more excited with the possibility of having fresh local produce, that I can paw through myself, and buy directly from someone that might have a connection to the source. I like talking to people about food, and some of my favourite folks are people that make food, and love making food. Last […]

West End Food Co-op: Fermentation 101 – Sauerkraut

Last week we went to the West End Food Co-op’s Fermentation 101 workshop and made Sauerkraut with nice big green heads of local Ontario cabbage. The class was taught by James Partanen and I think JC and I took a lot away from it. So how do you make sauerkraut? (the simplest version)