Vegan Food Swap Recieved from the Veggiewitch

The vegan food swap has been one of my favourite regular monthly activities. Sure it’s only been two months. But it’s been lovely. I’m thrilled with the positivity and graciousness that I’ve seen from most participants. I think people have for the most part been really appreciative of the thought and care that everyone has tried to put towards what they’re sending. Kindness abounds, and I hope it continues. I’m protective over this little thing, and I would like it to keep growing, and keep bringing people from around the country together in a fun an unique way. I sent a swap to Katie at Not Your Parents Granola and you can see sent over here on her blog. When I got home from work several weeks ago, my May Swap was waiting outside of our door. Just sitting on my doorstep like some kind of wonderful present from a stranger (which… it was.) I was matched with Denise the Veggiewitch and I totally loved everything. What was in there:

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