Tuesdates with Bloomers

Cobb Salad from Bloomers

I’m in New York City until next year, so I’m missing my usual Tuesday Bloomers Visit. (it’s capitalized because it’s turned into a thing.) Bloomers has been open for several months now (since August), and ever since they launched their lunch menu a month or so ago, I’ve been going every Tuesday to get some work done (they have free wifi and a decent amount of power outlets), grab some food and have a few coffees. I’m not the only one that does this, but I’m not sure if people just go all the time, or they also follow a Tuesdate schedule. I see some familiar faces and it’s kind of neat to have a place like on my side of town, that just happens to be vegan, and comfortable. There are three booths, and several tables, both high top and regular. There is a slight height variation to get into Bloomers, and the door is not automatic, but it does appear wide enough for a wheelchair to get in. Restrooms are in the back and on the main floor. So every Tuesday, around 12 – 3pm I’m sitting at Bloomers with my laptop, always a coffee, and maybe a lunch item or more recently a mocha. The service is always friendly and welcoming, and it’s not just me – I hear them being nice to absolutely everyone that comes in, even when there is the occasional person that leaves in a huff because they don’t have dairy milk (this has happened once…

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