Philly – Vedge Restaurant – One word review: Amazing.

I wasn’t sure we’d manage to visit Vedge Restaurant on this trip. JC was busy doing gaming stuff, and it was not an experience I’d want to have without him.  But luckily, he finished with enough time to spare, and while we couldn’t make a reservation, we managed to snag Vedge’s walk-in table. From the restauranteurs that made (the now closed) Horizons possible, I was excited to try Vedge out as soon as I heard about it. Actually, I had been selling Horizons to JC ever since we decided to go to Philadelphia. “I went to this amazing restaurant” makes it a reasonably easy sell, so when I finally went over to the Horizons website… and saw the “closed” message… there was a moment where my stomach was heartbroken. But thankfully I noticed their new “Vegetable Restaurant” notice. Yes. Vedge. I liked the name, I liked their website design, and the food pictures started up the ol’ salivary glands. I was ready. JC pointed out that they also had a “Dirt List” which had a selection of seasonal vegetable dishes, from vegetables picked locally. Even more exciting! So, did it live up to all this hype and excitement?

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