Toronto Tuesday – Queen West, HotDocs, … Niagara Falls?

This weekend was one of those action packed weekends that only seems possible in a big city. There was Jane’s Walk, the Toronto Marathon, the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, and so many other things. We did none of those, but still managed to fill up our weekend with THINGS. So many glorious things. I spent the morning finding things to send to my RedditGifts partner for Awesomesocks this month. Which resulted in going to every store in Queen West that looked like it’d have fun socks. You’d never think fun non grown up socks would be hard to find… but they are. I ended up at Clic Klak (435 Queen Street W) and found exactly what I was looking for. Hopefully my exchange partner likes them too! One place on Queen Street that I can’t pass without either going in, or staring longingly inside the window is The Paper Place.┬áIt’s kind of funny considering how much of my life is strictly digital, but there is something so friendly and fun about a handwritten letter or note that my usual quick emails just don’t satisfy. I wanted to send out thank you cards to everyone that had donated to my WWF CN Tower Climb (since I promised to send everyone a picture) and I found absolutely lovely ones from the Paper Source via waste not paper in Chicago.

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