Soups I Love Thursday (Ten of Them) #VeganMoFo

I’ve spent the last few days wrapped up in a blanket, mostly wanting to eat cereal and soup. JC and I were both sick, and spent some time vegging out in front of the computer and playing World of Warcraft. I’m still feeling that weird sick disconnected feeling but it’s getting better. The sickness combined […]

Vegan MoFo – Soupstock, I came, I ate, I ate some more.

A highlight of this weekend for me was Soupstock, an event presented by the Canadian Chefs’ Congress and the David Suzuki Foundation. The whole premise was a celebration of local. Food, chefs, musicians, gathering together to raise awareness about (and support against) the Highlands Mega-Quarry. Some background information about the quarry can be found on […]

Hawker Bar on Ossington – Hey Vegan Laksa get in my mouth

I work in social media/digital marketing/new media/whatever. So it delights me when I see businesses using social media effectively to connect with customers and potential customers. There is more to it than just blasting your twitter/facebook stream with self promotion, and not everyone gets that. Some businesses use it better than others. I’ve been a […]