Things I Love Thursday – WEFC community supported Orchards, Green is the New Red, Vegan English Toffee

Some weeks, writing a TILT is a trial. Some weeks, I don’t know what to say. The basic “things” I love area always pretty static – JC, Emmie, Kes, Earl Grey Tea.┬áThese things are probably not all on the same plane, but they are constant sources of joy in varying degrees. We’re in the middle of moving. Which means that our world is upside down. It’s oddly bittersweet to be saying good bye to the place I’ve called home for a couple of years. But it’s very exciting to be moving to a new home that will really be OURS. I want to talk about the amazing weekend we had, because it was wonderful, but I’ll get to that tomorrow. Enough navel gazing. On with the TILT.

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