Vegan Food Swap from The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado #veganswap

Last week I received my inaugural vegan swap from The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado. Stuff from Community Naturals (food bars, dried fruit, and wasabi peas which I’m snacking on right now), Congo Cowboy Gourmet – mango barbecue sauce, a couple of food bars from Via Foods… and the thing that probably made me smile the most… a jar of Saskatoon Berry Jam from Over the Hill Orchards. An organic orchard in Saskatchewan (my old stomping grounds.) I sent my swap to Jill at Vegan Cuts earlier this month, and I think it was pretty well received. I genuinely loved finding stuff that people might enjoy, with a focus on local producers and farmers market finds. It’s always nice to introduce people to stuff from my local community, even if that “community” happens to be a very giant and item filled Toronto. What can I say? I’m lucky. 🙂 Sign up for the next one:

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