DROP-IN DINNER: “Meatloaf”, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy by Emily Zimmerman

This sounds super hearty and delicious. It’s happening at The Depanneur, and features tempeh from a (relatively) new local small batch producer Culture City, and tofu bacon & miso from Ying Ying Soy Foods. (http://www.yingyingsoyfood.ca/) Emily Zimmerman/Pear and Pepper is known for her love of homestyle comfort foods, and it doesn’t get much more comfort-foody […]

Vegan Night at The Depanneur – Every Wednesday. (and other days too)

I don’t think enough people know about The Depanneur (I’m just going to call them The Dep). Or people have heard about them, but don’t realize the rich diversity of options this little food spot has. When I mention it to fellow vegans in town – sometimes they know about it, and sometimes they don’t – […]