Wandering around New York City

For the last few weeks we were in New York City, cat sitting and relaxing for a friend of a friend. The nice part about NYC is being able to get nearly anything I want, whenever I want. Maybe it’s the large population in a relatively small area, maybe it’s just America in general, but it always seems like anything is possible there. Maybe that why I keep getting drawn back into the fold. We were staying in Hells Kitchen in Midtown Manhattan which was conveniently located just outside of the delivery zones of a variety of delicious vegan restaurants, thankfully, this helped encourage¬†us to go outside somewhat regularly. As it was tempting to do as Gizmo is doing above (the cat we were borrowing for our visit), and remain inside, wrapped in blankets, ordering delivery food (thanks seamless!) and groceries (thanks instacart!) and at most standing by the window looking outside. But ultimately, the trip still managed to remind me how much I like walking, in spite the cold. So we did a lot of walking, our google fit and pebbles excitedly buzzing and displaying cheers after a few hours of significant activity everyday. Long walks to wherever. Sometimes with a purpose. Sometimes in search of a purpose, in hopes of stumbling upon something interesting. On one of our first few days there we walked over to Bryant Park to check out their Winter Village Market, which had a bunch of vegan vendors in one of the sections. Word‚Ķ

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