Boston – Grasshopper Vegetarian Restaurant

After our last day at PAX East we opted to check out Grasshopper Vegetarian Restaurant. Once we got over there it was kind of funny… it was pretty much next to Peace O’Pie but we hadn’t even noticed in our myopic pizza quest the night before (and also probably didn’t notice because it was pretty […]

PAX East Recap – Gamification, AbleGamers Foundation, Nerdification

After our Brunch at Veggie Galaxy it was time to go Nerd out at PAX. A couple of the signs outside the convention center really capture how it feels to be there – “Welcome Home” was my favourite, another one referencing WarGames was ‘Would you like to play a game?” The Boston Convention Center was totally packed […]

Boston – Peace O’Pie vegan pizza & other deliciousness

Eventually after we recovered from the Samuel Adams Brewery Tour, we figured it was time to go for dinner before we fell asleep again. But where? We’d whittled away at our options getting lost on the internet for a few hours, but we ended up (happily) going to Peace O’Pie. Peace O’Pie (487 Cambridge Street,) […]

Samuel Adams Brewery Tour, educational, fun, boozy.

A visit to the Samuel Adams Brewery was on my To Do list last year when I was in Boston for PAX East, but it never happened. With a day to ourselves, we opted to fill up Saturday with as much as possible. After a delicious brunch at True Bistro, we explored Harvard Square for […]

Boston – True Bistro Saturday Morning Vegan Brunch

No PAX this morning still meant I woke up super early (6-7am, so actually early, not just early for a Saturday) to a very beautiful sunrise near the harbour. We have a water facing room at the hotel so the first thing I saw this morning was an orange sky and a cute little steam […]

Boston – Grilled Vegan Sandwiches from Flour Bakery and PAX East

We successfully arrived in Boston yesterday. The trip out of the Toronto’s city centre airport is so much better than flying out from Toronto’s Pearson International. It’s not as crowded, the security process is quick and easy, and there is a lounge space with free wifi and free drinks (like coffee, tea, juice, and soda.) […]