Some Toronto Vegan Businesses Doing Delivery/Pickup during Covid19 Social Distancing.

Hello, hope you are doing as well as possible. It’s been a heck of a few months, and I know many of us have been impacted in a variety of ways. It’s hard to imagine how drastically things have changed in a short period of time – I like to think we’re all in this together, and that it will be over someday, but I know that it hasn’t been impacting people equally. Shout outs to the people keeping us healthy, keeping us fed, and keeping the city moving.

We are lucky that we live in a city where a variety of online/socially distant grocery options already existed before people had to pivot to offering them. We’ve been doing an online order – grocery pick up thing for a few years, if only because synchronizing our schedules and wrangling a toddler made grocery shopping challenging in the best of times.

Anyway, I’ve been worried about a few small businesses making it through this, and I also wanted to share a few suggestions for sources of some levity during this time. If it’s accessible to you – support local stores and shops, some are doing pickup, some are open, and some are doing delivery. I’ve felt so much more comfortable going into my small local store than larger chains right now.

First of all, if you haven’t signed up for one of FoodShare Toronto‘s produce delivery boxes, you might want to consider it. They’ve just recently added Alternative Grounds fair-trade coffee, and they also have a couple of different loaves of vegan-friendly Spent Goods bread available that can be delivered at the same time as your produce box.

I love that they have a variety of choices – just fruit, organic or conventional, smaller or larger amounts, and I find their prices very reasonable – especially because it is all delivered. We get a conventional box every week, along with some bread.

FoodShare Toronto has also been doing a bunch of really wonderful food access work – in collaboration with Black Creek Community Farm and others they’ve delivered Emergency Food Boxes to people that have needed them. You can also donate here to support their work.

Anyway, here is a list of folks in no particular order that I think are doing great things, doing their own delivery or curbside pick up, and folks that I hope, with all of my heart and wallet, will do well, and make it through.

I will keep updating as time and inclination allows! If you know someone who would be helpful to include on here, please feel free to post them in the comments or send me an email or IG message if you want to!


If you follow me on Instagram, (which if you don’t already, you should do, I am great,) you will know how much I love Mugi foods. They’re completely plant based, and their food is amazing – fresh flavours – dishes like massaman curry, pad thai, khao soy and more on a rotating menu. They have also been open for just a tiny bit under a year, and their food is amazing

They post their options once a week on Instagram or Facebook, and you can order in advance on Instagram, via email (, or over the phone ((416) 535-3886) for Friday, Saturday, Sunday pick up or delivery.

The Goods

Home of salads, soups, and smoothies (as well as delicious giant cookies) this plant-based Roncesvalles spot is doing a bunch of great meal kits, selling produce and pantry staples and fancies.

I made a giant pot of their delicious Be Well Soup last week, and had plenty to eat and share. (they’re also nice folks, they’ve posted the recipe for it online too)

You can get it delivered or pick up from The Goods.

Wandering Deli

Wandering Deli is doing a weekly no-contact pick up on Toronto’s West side. They have a beautiful variety of great cheeses including a variety of havarti-homages, strong flavoured kale leaf wrapped chevre beauties, brie, and more. Check out their shop and pick up on Thursdays.

I picked up on their first pickup day, and they were doing a really organized no-contact pickup, with lots of surface sanitizing and friendly waves.

You can also order Wandering Deli from the Curbside Collective (as well as many other things) and Leo & Co Bakery.

Sorry I’ve Got Plants

They’re selling meal kits, dressings and dips, and produce.

They’ve been doing this for a while, but have added a few more options to their online store and more frequent deliveries. You can get delivery for a fee ($8 or less) or pick up from their Roncesvalles location. You can visit their shop here.

Urban Acorn

Urban Acorn has started offering a biweekly Vegan Supper Club online – you can chat and eat with a bunch of other people on zoom or instagram, or skip the video call and just eat whenever you want to.

They also have a variety of tasty vegan things on their online store available for delivery or pick up, including croissants, Jamaican-style patties, and a housemade plant-based highland blue cheese.

They’re delivering weekly within the GTA and Hamilton, Burlington, and Mississauga. You can also pick up your order from the Baby Point area Check out their shop here

Curbside Collective

Curbside Collective is a collaboration of Sausage Party, Chau Toronto, & Phancy Food Catering, they’ve got a variety of great vegan options available for pick up or delivery, as well as produce, and pantry staples.

We recently ordered both of their vegan Mother’s day brunch and dinner boxes and they were both very nice. The Miso Cinnamon Buns were especially delightful.


Every couple of weeks the folks from FatChoi post a meal you can pre-order for pick up on their instagram account. You prepay via e-transfer, and select a time for pick up on Friday. They have a really great socially distant pickup where you pick a time-slot ahead of time and they clearly communicate how you get your order while protecting both yourself and their staff.

Hummingbird Eats

Hummingbird Eats makes incredible Jamaican Vegan patties and meals. They do deliveries to Penguin Pickup Locations around the city.

Live Organic Food

An assortment of raw and cooked, gluten free, organic, and refined sugar free options are listed on the Live Organic Food site.

They have an impressive south-central Ontario delivery area.

EastEnd Vegan

Almond based vegan cheese spreads, based in the east end of Toronto, but delivering around the Toronto area weekly. Check out their webstore. You can also order for pick up from Curbside Collective.

Apiecalypse Pizza

It’s hard to ship pizza, but you can order shortbread and a few other treats for delivery all over. Check out their website. They have been selling out of cookies often, but keep restocking.

Toronto Gourmet

Toronto Gourmet does a variety of vegan soups, spreads and dips – they’re offering no contact delivery of “wholesome boxes” via their website. Where you can pick 5 products: 2 soups, 1 chili, 1 dip, and 1 spread for $35

Vegan Food Delivery

Featuring products from Feel Good Guru, KefirKult, Bio Raw, YamChops, Stokes, Eat Nabati, Sweet Hart kitchen, and more – this is very new, but I think it’s a great idea. Check out their website


Delivery foods from this plant based deli – there are juices and snacks, delicious baked goods, and ready to heat meals that also freeze well. We’ve ordered a few times, and it’s been great to have some of their vegetable smoothies available in the fridge and vegan meats for sandwiches and pizza. Check out their website, no/low contact GTA delivery available, free for orders over $50.


A frequent sight at farmers markets around the city, Chocosol has direct trade chocolate and coffee available for no-contact bike delivery.

You can buy things in bulk and save big or in their usual package sizes. Check out their shop for more information.

Coming soon (as of 2020-05-11)

Il Fornello

Starting May 17, 2020, Il Fornello will be doing a Vegan Sunday event, pay them a visit for more information. They have prepared meals and vegan groceries.

They’re doing neighbourhood delivery and curbside pick up. (and delivery via DoorDash)


Rosalina has announced they will be doing take out starting on Thursday evening May 14th, 2020.

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