Hello Vegan MoFo 2014! An Intro

VeganMoFo starts today and I’m participating like I have since back when the internet began (okay, JK, more like 2008 or 2009) If you’ve never heard of Vegan MoFo before, it stands for Vegan Month Of Food, and this year, that month is September.

vegan mofo long

I spent last years’ Vegan MoFo blogging about, talking about, and planning my big fat vegan wedding, which culminated in a very satisfying blog giveaway that also included a couple of really lovely wedding crashers.

This year is hopefully going to be me sharing stories from our summer honeymoon(y) roadtrip across Canada and the USA. I don’t think it will involve any roadtrip giveaways (sorry.) But it will involve lots of the amazingly wonderful vegan places that exist in North America (and also a lot of the amazing places this couple of vegans saw on a cross country roadtrip.)

For people that haven’t ever visited before – Hi! I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of an introduction – I live in Toronto with my partner JC and our three cats Emmie, Kes, and Marmo. I’m originally from Edmonton, Alberta and I’ve been vegan since the late 90’s.

This is Marmo

I like food – eating it, talking about it, cooking it, growing it. I’m interested in it from a social justice perspective and generally have a focus on food education/empowerment/etc in projects and volunteer work. I’m also interested in migrant labour issues and rights, especially how they exist in the Canadian and Ontario Food System. Plus initiatives that increase the ability of people in urban areas to grow their own food.


My partner and I are also both big big computer nerds, for work and for play. I can often be found in front of my computer, creating things or destroying them to figure out how they work. Computerwise, at least from a pure fun kind of way, I’m mostly interested in hardware but also enjoy playing around with cryptography or just straight up playing video games – (any world of warcraft fans out there?)

Otherwise, we very recently bought our first car, and in the last two-three months have put a bit under 20,000 km on it – most of that was our trip. So far, I’ve covered our travels through Michigan, Chicago, and Madison. But there is so much more to write about!

In addition to tales from our road trip, every Thursday, I like to do a pretty bright positive post on “Things I Love” and during VeganMofo, I’m going to try and use that space to talk about some of the recipes and blogs I saw during the week from fellow VeganMofo’ers that I really enjoyed.

September is also a very action packed month with regards to veg events in Ontario – so if you are in Toronto and area, I have an event calender you might be into. I usually try and include accessibility information from the venue wherever I know it, or can find it. Please let me know what I’m missing!

Anyway, if you’d like to follow me on any of the other various sites I’m on, you can follow this blog on facebook, and me personally on twitter and instagram.

Happy MoFoing!!! Looking forward to e-meeting a few new people this month!

6 Responses

  1. Happy MoFo! I went to Edmonton back in about 1997(?) and my friend took me to that big indoor theme park and I nearly drowned because I thought I would be okay with the water slide that shot out in to the deepest pool. They had to fish me out with a pole. I love Edmonton!

  2. So stoked to read about your road trip posts!! Also your round ups! There’s so much content during Mofo that it’s amazing to see what catches other people’s eye!