MoFo’er Monday! Thanksgiving for Everyone!

We spent the morning making baked goods, the same ones as yesterday, for J’s family thanksgiving celebrations, and they weren’t fellow MoFo’er recipes. We also spent several hours playing WoW (while the pumpkin cheesecake chilled… yeah… that’s why). I had been trying to remember who and where the inspiration behind yesterday’s apple crumble pie was […]

Vegan MoFo – Things I love Thursday (TILT!)

The premise behind Things I Love Thursday posts is just to list off things you love, and talk about them (or not.) I had written a lot more, but after a computer shut down and a missing autosave, I lost it all (I don’t love when that happens). I love Lady Grey tea. I love […]

Vegan MoFo: Gluten Free Humpday. xGFx

So, I’m not going to pretend I know what I’m doing with gluten free baking, I’ve made at most three or four gluten free baked products in my life. But I’ve been curious, and I have friends with serious gluten issues; it would be nice to be able to accommodate their needs. I also have a bit […]

Vegan MoFo – Tuesday Tasty Treats – The Great Pumpkin has arrived.

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for some Tasty Treats. I had a great time with all the apple recipes yesterday, but despite having a kitchen filled with freshly picked apples, I’m opting to make something with another autumn favourite – Pumpkin! I have really positive memories of pumpkin related baking from the first successful (or […]

MoFo’er Monday – Appleicious recipes from the first two days of VeganMoFo

So it’s MoFo’er Monday or at least what’s left of it, and this is the day I’ve decided to look through the past weeks posts and find recipes by other MoFo folks to make at home. You’d think after only two days, and so many people only starting up on Monday that there wouldn’t be […]

Vegan Mofo The End: Saskatoon, SK – The Land of the Living Skies. aka, The Passage way to Elsewhere.

Once upon a time I lived in Saskatoon, SK so I’m ending MoFo where I began writing this blog. Parts of me hated living there (the parts that don’t like to be cold) and parts of me loved it (the parts of me that loved finding fun stuff to do against all odds). People tend […]