Vegan Food Swap from Jill at Vegan Cuts

Earlier last month I received my vegan food swap for November from Jill over at Vegan Cuts It was FULL of great stuff and samples from other products. The thing I like about when I see people getting swaps from Jill is that I think it would probably be really easy for her to just […]

July Vegan Food Swap – Thanks Jamie!

I’m at a conference where using the internet seems like a terrible idea (for security reasons), and after having some website trouble, now it’s August 3rd and I’m just posting my awesome vegan food swap from Jamie. (Also check out her site for some seriously awesome photos.) Please pardon any typos, I’m posting from my […]

May Vegan Food Swap from the Antique Appetite

Another month, another lovely swap, this time from the Antique Appetite, aka Jessica. So, funny story, I had matched Ms. Antique Appetite up to receive a package from Devon, and I had matched myself to send to Devon, and since we live in the tiny city of Toronto, we all ended up meeting up to exchange our swaps. Fine, […]

April Vegan Food Swap – Happy 1st Swapaversary from Jackie at the Short Stack Foodie

It’s been 1 year since the little food swap that could started up. I’ve been introduced to so many awesome and lovely people, bloggers, vegans, and foodies all over Canada. I know that people have started up blogs because of the swap, they’ve made friends, and real life connections because of the swap, and I […]

Vegan Food Swap – December – Thank you to Ms One Small Vegan.

Last month I received and sent a vegan food swap to Sasha of One Small Vegan. I enjoy her blog a lot because she’s always cooking something up, and it’s inspiring. I haven’t been cooking or baking as much as I’d like to, so it’s nice to see some encouraging and delicious treats on a regular basis. […]

Vegan Food Swap – November – Thank you for the LPK Treats and please support local businesses

This month I was matched up with Carrie from 30×30, like me, she lives in Toronto. And like me, when I get someone local to my city, I wonder… what the heck should I sent them. She opted to send me stuff from her side of town, which I appreciated, because I never really get […]

August 2012 – Vegan Food Swap! From Sarina at Earthgiven

The Lovely Sarina at Earthgiven sent me my swap last month and it was full of lovely awesomeness. Oddly enough I haven’t had absolutely everything (since the keto thing has made that difficult, but the stuff I did have, I ate within two days of receipt. In that small world Ontario vegan kind of way, […]