Things I Love Thursday – These posts. Snow. Puffins. Basketball.

Snow Last week it snowed heavily, or as heavy as it gets in Toronto, so I went out there with my (well – JC’s) trusty blue shovel and got to work first with our sidewalk and walkway, and then I move on to some of the rest of the neighbourhood or whatever I have time […]

Things I Love Thursday – Cookbooks & Friends

What about January? I could complain about the cold, a standard Canadian past time, except I find it familiar, and almost pleasant assuming the wind is to a minimum. I like the familiar crunch of my boots on the snow and the cement when the temperature gets to a certain low level. And I like […]

Things I Love Thursday – Something Good.

In this week’s TILT, I’m going to skip mentioning autumn. Okay, just once. I like autumn. A lot. I like cold crisp air and crunchy leaves. (okay, that’s still autumn) And hats. And hot rooibos tea. (mostly symptoms of autumn) And all things pumpkin. (fine still autumn) Yesterday evening I had a pot of water with […]

A Final TILT for Vegan MoFo – Things I Loved – Soup, Salads, and Pumpkins.

I’ve enjoyed looking through all the posts and thoughts and recipes throughout Vegan MoFo, having all the blogs collected together on Feedly has been pretty great, and while I’m still (STILL) lamenting the loss of Google Reader, feedly does a decent job of aggregating RSS feeds, and I like that it’s integrated with a bunch […]

Things I Love Thursday: Vegan Mofo Edition 3

Three weeks of Vegan Mofo already? Kind of, at the very least it’s the third Thursday of the month and my third time trying to do a round up of all my favourite posts from the week. A bit of a complication with veganmofo this month (cue my excuses) is that we are in the USA for […]