Things I Love Thursday – Wedding Edition.

I’m going to take a break from reminiscing about the very awesome lovely Boston trip we had and all the fabulous things we ate, to talk about something that I keep getting asked about all the time… When is the wedding? Do you have a date yet? How’s the wedding planning going? etc. Short answer, […]

Things I love Thursday – Hot and Sour Soup

Well, Vegan MoFo is over, and I started writing a goodbye post on October 31st… but then Halloween got in the way. What I wanted to say is how much fun I had, and most of all, how much I appreciated discovering so many new people most of which I’ve added to my RSS feed […]

Things I love Thursday – Vegan MoFo – Cats, Pizza, J, and lentil soup

I love Thursdays as a day of reflection. It’s been kind of gloomy outside this week, so it’s nice to think about all the good stuff going on, and it also makes me appreciate having the option of staying inside with my kitten for a while while it rains. This past weekend was the beginning […]

Vegan MoFo – Things I love Thursday (TILT!)

The premise behind Things I Love Thursday posts is just to list off things you love, and talk about them (or not.) I had written a lot more, but after a computer shut down and a missing autosave, I lost it all (I don’t love when that happens). I love Lady Grey tea. I love […]