Things I Love Thursday: Wedded Edition.

We are in the beautiful North Bruce Peninsula this week for a little break after the excitement, stress, and fun of planning, then having our wedding last weekend. I’d like to post a more detailed update about the wedding soon, but for now – I (and JC) had a lovely time. I went in thinking […]

Things I Love Thursday on Friday VeganMoFo –

It’s time for another edition of navelgazing Thursday, except it’s happening on Friday. JC Do you know what I realized this week? (Okay, I already know this) I like JC a lot. Which is good, since we’re getting married in a mere day over a month now. He was away for a few days, and […]

Things I Love Thursday – (kinda) Non-Wedding Edition.

Every week (most of the time) I like to post a Things I Love Thursday(TILT) list. Some weeks it goes by the wayside, sometimes I look forward to a navel gazing post about things I like, the week it has been, and other random things I’ve encountered. This is one of the “looking forward to […]

Things I Love Thursday – Home Sweet Home

In mid July, JC and I took possession on a new house, but with all the travelling we’ve been up to we haven’t really had the opportunity to live in it. In fact, as someone recently pointed out to me, since we’ve  “moved” I have spent more time away from this house than living in […]

Things I Love Thursday: The Big Apple.

So it’s Thursday, and I’m still in New York City. I don’t know what it is about this city, but it’s always got me feeling introspective. Maybe because it was part of the first big transformative grand adventure I went on by myself, maybe it’s that fast paced life that I feel part of now, […]

Things I Love Thursday – On Friday – I’m on a Train.

I’m on a train to NYC (magic of internet!) Since returning home from Las Vegas, the last few days have been a frenzy of activity, where we got a few things taken care of for the new house, amongst other things. But most of that was really time spent waiting for installers (that didn’t show […]

Things I Love Thursday on Friday: Dufferin Grove Farmers Market, Brixton Grill, Lavender, Chocolate.

One of my favourite things to do on a Thursday is to try and make it to the Dufferin Grove Farmers’ Market. Yesterday was one of those hot muggy days. It’s a feeling anyone that’s been to Toronto in the summer would have experienced. When I looked out the window, from my air conditioned bubble, […]

Things I Love Thursday – Vicarious trips to Japan. #TILT

JC is in Japan right now (for work), so for the last few days he’s been on the other side of the world, and I have been in Toronto. While I would have loved to go too (and wish I had,) I had agreed to cat sit for a friend, we’re in the middle of […]

Things I Love Thursday – WEFC community supported Orchards, Green is the New Red, Vegan English Toffee

Some weeks, writing a TILT is a trial. Some weeks, I don’t know what to say. The basic “things” I love area always pretty static – JC, Emmie, Kes, Earl Grey Tea. These things are probably not all on the same plane, but they are constant sources of joy in varying degrees. We’re in the middle […]