Vegan Mofo 2012 – Happy Thanksgiving!

I forget sometimes that Thanksgiving becomes a holiday entirely wrapped up in celebrating thankfulness around a big dead bird. Unfortunately, that’s just something I can’t get into. Most of the time when I think of Thanksgiving I think of the celebrating the harvest, which in Ontario is quite bountiful. I think of sharing a meal […]

MoFo’er Monday! Thanksgiving for Everyone!

We spent the morning making baked goods, the same ones as yesterday, for J’s family thanksgiving celebrations, and they weren’t fellow MoFo’er recipes. We also spent several hours playing WoW (while the pumpkin cheesecake chilled… yeah… that’s why). I had been trying to remember who and where the inspiration behind yesterday’s apple crumble pie was […]

Special Event Sunday! Vegan Thanksgiving

We did our small thanksgiving a little early (today), because J has his family’s one on Monday (the real day). I’m not a big fan of the smell of roasting turkey, to the point that it makes me pretty nauseous, so I’ll be skipping the big family event tomorrow and spending it chopping cranberries finely […]

Vegan Thanksgiving and a Trip to Nazareth Ethiopian Restaurant

Well, it’s that time of year again, it’s Thanksgiving (in Canada), and this time around, I’m all by myself. My family is back in Edmonton (celebrating with tofu steaks by the way) and work commitments made it difficult to leave town with friends. So while part of me thought, oh the heck with it, I’ll […]