The Weekend at the Vegetarian Food Fair (and TIFF!)

Saturday was a beautiful day for the Vegetarian Food Festival put on by the Toronto Vegetarian Association in Harbourfront Center. It remained bright and sunny until really late in the day. I got there early, right before it really got crowded, and snacked on a bunch of things (perhaps too many things…) Sunday was a […]

Everything and Everything – More Poutine, but not much else.

Well, the last few days haven’t been devoid of activity, I’ve just been entirely too tired to post about them. That and not much food was involved, beyond my new favourite: Poutini’s (Late night dubstep and vegan poutine! Can’t go wrong there) I made a long awaited visit to the Ontario Science Center. As with […]

Hanlan’s Point and Vegetarian Haven

Well, it was another beautiful day in Toronto, and the perfect day to go to the beach. So a friend and I took the ferry over to Hanlan’s Point, which is this great little area where you can surround yourself with greenery. Unusual signs like the following appear: It was so unusual, I felt like […]

Never a dull day.

Well, it’s never a dull day here, summertime means festivals, and festivals mean I’ll be there if I can. Unfortunately, there are so many, that I can’t go to all of them. I actually missed seeing something that I would have been really interested in (Zinedream!), because I didn’t know about it until too late. […]

Toronto: Fressen

I finally did what I came to Toronto for a couple of days ago and that evening a friend and I went to Fressen (478 Queen Street West,) a fine dining kind of vegan restaurant. It was rated one of the hippest vegetarian eateries in North America by VegNews and I can see why, it […]

First Day in Toronto – Cruda Cafe, Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant, and a Vegan Danish Bakery

Well I got in to Toronto yesterday morning (5:30 am!) and one of my friends insisted that I stay with him and his wife (it wasn’t hard to convince me). It is so much nicer than sitting at a hostel. Usually I love hostels, but I think the morning would have been awful. I would […]