Detroit Visit – Day 0.5 – Dinner and a Casino.

We’re back in Toronto again, but had a great time in Detroit and the surrounding area. I wouldn’t mind visiting again sometime. After we had arrived, checked in, and got comfy in our hotel room, I scanned the internet for a suitable eatery – Seva jumped out at me. Seva has two locations, one in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and more recently (as in, in the last two weeks) they opened a location in Detroit. Seva Detroit – (66 E. Forest Ave. Detroit, MI). It’s located behind the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art (the restaurant entrance is on the left side of the building.) There appear to be two seating sections, a bar/lounge/young adult table zone in the back, and a place where grown ups can eat in the front. We were seated in the back at the kids table, near the bar. It was pretty busy in the front, so I’m assuming that’s part of it (they do accept reservations). The back bar space has a very nice collection of art from the N’Namdi Center, during our visit it appeared to be mostly by Valencia Robin, and we sort of eased into the relaxed atmosphere, people chatting, espresso machines espressing, surrounded by exposed brick and rich wooden beams. We started with drinks, JC got a Seva Soda with Basil and Strawberry (as recommended by our server) and I ended up with Root Beer (which by the way, I found out later was not vegan – damn you raw honey.) Thereā€¦

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