Squeezing the last few hours out of San Francisco – Souley Vegan… and Cinnaholic!

Hello throwback Tuesday ( I know, I know, it’s not a real thing), where I hopefully recap all of the awesome food related stuff we did in December/ early January. To Recap (and to keep myself organized), up until this point in San Francisco, we had visited: – Millennium – Happy birthday to me! – St. Francis Fountain – […]

Goodbye San Francisco – Hello Gracias Madre

In another edition of throwback Tuesday, where I hopefully recap all of the awesome stuff we did in December. To Recap (and to keep myself organized), up until this point in San Francisco, we had visited: – Millennium – Happy birthday to me! – St. Francis Fountain – Brunch of Champions – Souley Vegan – Amazing vegan Soul Food in Oakland […]

A slow and lazy afternoon in San Francisco – Herbivore for Brunch, Presidio & the Golden Gate Bridge

Am I still writing about our December visit to San Francisco and Las Vegas? Yes. Yes I am. There is something about the day before the day you are planning on leaving somewhere. There is that urge to fit in the sightseeing and eating, with the desire to just take it easy and enjoy your […]

Vegan Soul Food in Oakland, California – Souley Vegan

I’ve talked about Souley Vegan enthusiastically with anyone that would listen. On my first visit to San Francisco in 2011, I discovered this place, and never wanted to leave. I went to Souley Vegan three times in a week. This time we just went twice (in one week), but it was great both times. The […]

San Francisco – St. Francis Fountain

Bright and early Saturday morning we opted to seek out some breakfast. Though most places only opened at 11am. The best/worst part about visiting the west coast, when you’re completely accustomed to east coast time is that you walk up earlier than nearly everyone else, but that also means that walking up to go anywhere […]

Millennium Restaurant in San Francisco Birthday Dinner – 5-course tasting menu, wine pairing, custom cakes, oh my.

On December 26th we flew over to San Francisco to celebrate my birthday in the most absurd and delightful surprise way I’ve ever had. After a remarkably straightforward, and easy trip through US Customs, a quick and painless security screening, and a window seat on the air plane on a direct flight, we left behind […]

A visit to Cinnaholic and Gracias Madre.

Two recommendations were brought up during my dinner at Millennium. Cinnaholic, a vegan cinnamon bun place in Berkeley, CA that had only recently opened up, and Gracias Madre, an organic, vegan Mexican restaurant in the Mission area of San Francisco. I went over to Cinnaholic that morning and tried the Old Fashioned cinnamon bun. I’m […]

Vegan fine dining at Millennium in San Francisco.

Well, it seems no trip to San Francisco (at least as a vegan with money to spend) is complete without visiting Millennium (580 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA). I’ve heard only good things about it, and I know it’s on the “To Eat” list for many vegans, so I had to take the opportunity to […]