Kind Organics Mystical Mint Chocolate Bar – Toronto – Get it at West End Food Co-op.

Recently on a trip to the West-End Food Co-op, there were two different kinds of Kind Green Organic’s Chocolate Bars conveniently located right at the check out. And it was a happy impulse buy, I’ll admit to it completely. I have seen Kind Organics selling salad blends, spouts, herbs and other greens at Farmers’ Markets around the city, but never chocolate (or at least I had never noticed it) so it caught my attention. Plus – it’s chocolate… so yum. Kind Organics is a farm located 40 minutes north of Toronto in Holland Marsh, and they sound like they employ veganic or mostly veganic farming techniques (as in, they don’t use chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, manures, or animal by-products in their farming). You can read more about them on their website. The source of chocolate in this bar was a company I’ve got a long standing love for –  Chocosol Chocolate. My first warm memory of Chocosol is when we encountered them on a very cold winter evening in David Pecaut Square (Juno After Party event.) Their hot drinking chocolate was vegan, delicious, and warmed up my very cold hands. We were reintroduced to their awesome products at the 2012 FoodShare Recipe for Change event, and I’ve been happily (and actively) following along with their company ever since. They are on the Food Empowerment Projects ethical chocolate list. They use organic, forest garden shade grown cocoa sourced directly from indigenous communities in Southern Mexico, and follow horizontal trade practices. I’d really like to see more and more of this. Ethically sourced…

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Bare English & Co – Made in Toronto – Interview and Review (and giveaway!)

Lip Balm

As soon as winter rolls around I need lip balm and I need it ASAP. Considering I come from a dry climate (Edmonton), I’ve acclimated to the Toronto humidity quite quickly, and when it’s gone, I notice. Toronto goes from being a mostly humid city to zero suddenly, and it isn’t pretty. My usual go to product since I found them last year was Green Beaver’s gluten-free stick lip balm. Why a lip balm needs to be gluten-free I don’t know, but it was one of the better ones I’ve tried. Totally vegan (no beeswax/cera alba), and they managed to get it all into a smooth stick form without any issues. Winter is coming; some people ask their joints, I can just ask my face.  I was at Evergreen Market on Roncesvalles with a friend a couple of weeks ago, and I needed lip balm and I noticed something new. Bare English & Co. I was attracted to the box and the price, but doubted it was vegan. But since I tend to read ingredients out of curiosity anyway, I scanned through, waiting for one of the blacklisted (I’m looking at you beeswax/cera alba) ones to show up. But I was pleasantly surprised. Totally vegan. Sold. After a couple of days of using it, my lips were happy again. And then I started to get curious. I like ethical businesses, I like local businesses even more. I like knowing more about them. Who are these people? Who is Bare English & Co? I read through their…

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