Edmonton International Fringe Festival, Remedy, Block 1912

I’m back in Edmonton safe and sound. It’s been a bit of an adjustment to try and slow down to the pace of being “home,” however I came back right as the Edmonton International Fringe Fest started up and so there is always something to do. Edmonton lives up to it’s name as Festival City […]

New ones from Remedy and a visit to Oriental Veggie House

It’s been hard to go out and eat lately with my work schedule and other commitments, but finally, yesterday I visited Remedy. New (to me) flavours of cheesecake: chocolate banana (no peanut butter) and lemon raspberry. When they brought us the slices, I thought, whoa, the chocolate banana is going to be so delicious, and […]

The most negative and disappointed post. The Remedy is cheesecake.

A friend and I went to Bliss Baked Goods (14208 118 Ave Edmonton, AB) yesterday morning. I was extremely excited at the prospect of vegan croissants or even just a meal at this dairy-free kosher bakery. I heard about it from the VOA dining guide a while ago and wanted to try it out ever […]

Food Day.- Or Vegan Options within walking distance of the University of Alberta

Yesterday was a food day. We went out to the Garneau area and started out at Kyoto Japanese Cuisine, went to Phobulous (so my friend could get some non-vegan Vietnamese coffee)  then a visit to Remedy for a piece of vegan cheesecake, across the street to Transcend Coffee for a Soy Flat White, a quick […]

Best Cheesecake Ever.

Okay, the other day, I consumed what I believe was the best cheesecake I’ve ever eaten. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but I looked through my memory banks, at the prevegan days (cheesecake factory, homemade, little bitro cakes), compared it to the former Best Cheesecake Ever from Wink (which existed once upon a time in Vancouver) and still, […]

Cheesecake from Remedy Edmonton… again

It was a cold terrible day for CityChase on Saturday. I finally experienced what my friend calls “Vancouver Winter,” where there are never enough layers to protect you from the humidity, rain and sleet, and the only escape is going inside. But the event ended on a positive note, it warmed up slightly, and my […]

Remedy and La Shish

Edmonton keeps me busy. I had a wonderful run through the river valley yesterday, did a bit over 7 kilometers. I had only intended on doing 5 but it was so nice out I didn’t want to turn back. I feel oddly like a tourist in this city, everything is slightly unfamiliar and new. Of […]