The New Padmanadi

I visited the new location for Padmanadi in Edmonton at 10740 101 St. I envy Victoria High School (I went there, once upon a time) students because Padmanadi is now a five minute walk for lunch. The new location is unassuming from the outside, but once you walk in, it’s very bright, the furnishings are […]

New ones from Remedy and a visit to Oriental Veggie House

It’s been hard to go out and eat lately with my work schedule and other commitments, but finally, yesterday I visited Remedy. New (to me) flavours of cheesecake: chocolate banana (no peanut butter) and lemon raspberry. When they brought us the slices, I thought, whoa, the chocolate banana is going to be so delicious, and […]

Cheesecake from Remedy Edmonton… again

It was a cold terrible day for CityChase on Saturday. I finally experienced what my friend calls “Vancouver Winter,” where there are never enough layers to protect you from the humidity, rain and sleet, and the only escape is going inside. But the event ended on a positive note, it warmed up slightly, and my […]


A friend and I took a little visit to Padmanadi a few days ago. Whenever we go, we don’t mess around, and order about three dishes to share. This time was no different. We had a hard time deciding what to order, well… between three dishes as per usual. The spicy chicken, the spicy shrimp, […]