Things I love Thursday – Hot and Sour Soup

Well, Vegan MoFo is over, and I started writing a goodbye post on October 31st… but then Halloween got in the way. What I wanted to say is how much fun I had, and most of all, how much I appreciated discovering so many new people most of which I’ve added to my RSS feed and great recipes which inspired me and helped me make great meals and snacks in October. This week I’m sick with a cold so after yesterday’s day of no appetite, I’m thinking of the various potential comfort foods that I could make myself (and inevitably, for my partner for when he starts feeling sick too.)  My favourite thing when I’m sick is hot and sour soup and a nice cozy blanket. I’ve been lucky because I’ve lived near places that have vegan hot and sour soup, like at Oriental Veggie House or Padmanadi in Edmonton or the giant “small” bowls at Greens Vegetarian in Toronto. But today I decided to make my own. Recently I acquired The Vegan Slow Cooker from Kathy Hester, after finding her blog as a result of VeganMoFo. Conveniently she has a great and simple recipe for hot and sour soup (on her blog and a slightly different version in the book). It’s nice to have such a simple and straightforward collection of recipes that are made for the slow cooker, complete with pre preparation instructions (for the night before) and helpful tips, I’m definitely a fan of the format and theā€¦

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