Breakfast when you’re bad at breakfast.

I’m participating in VeganMofo 15 this year, and going to try and follow along with some of the prompts. I did a little intro post yesterday, and I’m looking forward to e-meeting (or IRL meeting) more of you as the month progresses.

Today’s Prompt is “Rise and Shine! It’s MoFo time! Tell us about your breakfast.”

I’m bad at breakfast. At least Monday thru Friday. Or just in general really. I’ll go most of the day without having anything, and then come home and have dinner. It’s been working out for the most part, but I’ve tried to be better at it, but I’ve been saying that for years, and it hasn’t changed.


For a while I was getting packages of soylent in the mail – and for a few weeks I was actually drinking breakfast in the morning and feeling pretty good about it.

Soylent is a meal replacement, that tastes neutral, and is very easy to drink.


Their most recent formulation is totally vegan, so there are a bunch of body hackers that are just drinking vegan shakes as their main source of nutrition – or lots of other people like me that have periods of time where they are too busy and supplement meals as needed. Or folks that don’t like food (which is not me.)

One thing I like about soylent is mixing it with a shot of espresso, turning it into some kind of Soylatte (wait, that doesn’t work) or maybe I could call it a Soylantte.


I will grab a piece of fruit – like a banana, and eat it while walking to the bus. If this fruit eating coincides with not having the leave the house immediately, I’ll have a bowl of about five sliced up peaches (since it’s peach season right now, and Ontario peaches cannot be beat – and I’m not trying to start a regional fight here, it’s just – they have travelled such a short distance that they can’t help but be better than any other available non-local peaches.)

Yogurt + Granola

Other breakfasts I fall back on are yogurt and granola. We have a case of expired YOSO yogurt we’ve been trying to get through for the last month or so. It’s expired officially, but still edible – an unofficial poll amongst friends has indicated that they’ve had the same experience with many vegan yogurts, so I feel okay about this. JC eats half of a yogurt container with granola in the morning, and I take the remaining half, dump granola on it, and then eat it on the bus. Why haven’t I had granola and yogurt in a week? We have no granola left. I’m sure there is a solution to this granola issue, but I just can’t think of one.

Yogurt + Fruit

Since there is a dearth of granola in this house, sometimes, I just add fruit to fruit yogurt. Maybe. Probably not. Okay I’ve done this 1-2 in the last decade. But I took a picture of it both times as proof. And what a picture. IMG_20150807_082951355

Yogurt + Oats + Fruit

Here I am really kicking things up a notch with a yogurt, oat, fruit combo. Did I top this off with some chia seeds? Yes I did. And there are figs, blueberries, and papaya on this. I felt like some kind of breakfast champion when I made and actually ate this. Untitled

Then there are the days I just drink a cup of coffee and call it breakfast

I’ll park myself at a coffee shop and order a bowl of soy latte. These bowls of coffee are satisfying, and usually feel like enough until at least noon. This isn’t necessarily based in reality, but when I’m typing, sometimes my stomach shuts off so I can work. Balzac coffee


Weekends are where breakfast/brunch happens in a more idyllic fashion. JC or I have time to prepare something like a tofu scramble bowl or pancakes (JC makes great pancakes), or he’s nice enough to pick up a chocolate croissant for me from Through Being Cool, or a bagel from Bloomers Bakery.

croissant and kombucha

Or if we’re feeling particularly outgoing, we’ll check out brunch at nearly a dozen different places in the city (spots like Live, The Steady, Hogtown Vegan, Grasslands, Disgraceland.)

I’m looking forward to seeing what other folks come up with for their breakfast prompt post, maybe there will be ideas for me to steal/borrow.

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  1. Aside from a few years in high school, I have always eaten breakfast. I can’t seem to function without it.

    The picture of your bowl with blueberries and chia seeds is beautiful.

    • You’re not alone! I know so many people like that, and I’m usually okay chugging along until 5pm before I feel like eating. It’s pretty weird.

  2. I used to hate eating breakfast, but I trained myself into it while I was at uni. Which is a good thing now because of the way my work day is, if I don’t eat before I leave home I could be in serious trouble mid-morning!
    I wish someone would bring me a chocolate croissant!

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