Boston – Veggie Galaxy, Vegetarian Diner to the Stars.

Sunday was going to be our big PAX East fun day, since we’d have a full day to explore the exhibitors, the panels, and meet random folks from around the country (and North America.) But first, we had to have breakfast, of course.

I wanted to go to Peace O’Pie after the great dinner we had the night before, but they were opening at 11am which would dig into our PAXing time too much. Veggie Galaxy fit our needs a little bit better and after a few tweets of encouragement from @MountainJammer we were on our way.

Veggie Galaxy

Veggie Galaxy is open bright and early at 9am on Sundays and is easy to get to with public transit. One trip on the RedLine Subway to Central Square station, a very short walk, and you’re ready to eat. It’s vegetarian with most things veganizable. Expect to pay a bit more for the vegan options.

It’s total classic diner style, has a brightly coloured exterior, and was full of oddly pleasant friendly people. They were nice, and service was good. It made me wonder what Boston has in the vegan water that Toronto is lacking in that department.

Veggie Galaxy

We started with a strawberry banana frappe. It’s a diner style shake, that is always vegan (with coconut milk) and I wanted all of it to myself. But I shared. Best part was that it felt like two orders, because of the metal shake cup half full of frappe goodness. There was also a chocolate peanut butter frappe on the menu that looked like trouble, so I didn’t order it, but if you do, please tell me about it in detail. It sounds delicious.

Veggie Galaxy

I ordered the Memorial Drive Omelet because I was distracted by the jalapenos, it ended up being really meaty (because of the Seitan Chorizo) and spicy (probably also because of the Chorizo) and not really what I wanted for breakfast. That said, I thought it was a lot tastier when I ate it as a snack later in the day. I thought the “omelet style” was very cool and I’d love to try my hand at making it at home sometime.

Veggie Galaxy

JC decided to be different and order… no, he ordered the same thing he gets for brunch everywhere (with good reason) – the Tofu Eggs Benedict. It was also recommended by our server (I should have listened.) The Tofu Eggs Benedict is two slabs of seasoned tofu, balsamic roasted tomato, pickled red onion on a grilled black pepper biscuit, covered in a chipolte hollandaise sauce. It was tasty tasty tasty, so I stole a few (several) bites.

Veggie Galaxy

We also ordered tempeh bacon and veggie sausage on the side. Never again veggie sausage, but I could totally get behind the whole tempeh craze if I had more of that tempeh for breakfast. You can see my hand ready to snatch a piece of tempeh.

Veggie Galaxy

We topped it all off with a piece of Boston Cream Pie (since – when in Boston, it’s time to eat pie/cake/anything.)

Other things about this place: the bakery is great. We bought a cinnamon bun, a sticky bun, and two black&white cookies on the way out, and they were great to have a long for snacks. I like that there is a kids menu.

Veggie Galaxy
Address: 450 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA (map)
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